2021-2021 | FLEX PACKAGE


Can’t commit to a season ticket? No problem, we have several alternatives for YOU. You can now buy the FLEX PACKAGES.

Whether it’s a FLEX 10 PACKAGE or a FLEX 50 PACKAGE, it will save you time and money. The FLEX PACKAGES are adapted to YOUR situation. You want to come 10 times alone, 5 times with a friend or 1 time with 10 work colleagues… YOU DECIDE YOUR SCHEDULE.


A FLEX 10 PACKAGE ->$180 + taxes. Savings of up to 25% (for an adult).

A FLEX 50 PACKAGE ->$800 + taxes. Savings of up to 35% (for an adult).

You wish to obtain more information on this INCREDIBLE alternative that adapts to your needs or to BUY a FLEX PACKAGE? Contact an Olympiques representative directly by filling out the short questionnaire below.