Search for pension families

GATINEAU – The Gatineau Olympiques are currently looking for host families for the 2022-2023 season.

A host family is expected to provide more than just a bed to sleep in; they are expected to prepare nutritious meals, listen to the player, enforce rules and offer support when needed. The player should feel comfortable, like they are at home, like a member of the family. This is a time commitment, but it is also a very rewarding experience for everyone in the family.
Players must behave in a responsible, respectful and ethical manner. They have a duty to respect the rules and adapt to their new environment. Players must be cooperative and contribute to the harmony of the Family#5 in their host family.

Host families must also be respectful, considerate and cooperative, recognizing common goals and acting in the best interest of the player. Efforts should be made to ensure good communication and to alleviate frustrations and difficulties.

Host families have a special relationship with the player and a bond of trust is often established. We encourage you to take the time to talk with the player, however, you should avoid questioning them and instead listen to what they want to tell you. If there is something important that concerns them, the organization will be able to inform you if necessary.

If you think you are able to meet all the requirements, we invite you to contact Mr. Luc Therrien, responsible for host families, by e-mail, so that he can guide you in the next steps of the process.

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