News from Evgenii Kashnikov

We reach out this week with Gatineau Olympiques, #22, Evgenii Kashnilov. He’s still in Russia waiting his visa to legally come back to play hockey in Gatineau. We ask him a few questions regardless of his preparation and his rank in the last scouting list.

How often do you train in Russia ?

“I’m going on the ice 4-5 days a week. I also add 2 to 3 sessions in the gym by week. I try to stay in shape for when I will be able to come to Gatineau.”

This week, the NHL scouting central announces is early list. You’ve been listed as a “C” rating. How do you feel about that ?

“I saw the rating  they gave me, but hockey is a team game and the results of the team are most important for me. As for the rating, it is a big step for me and in order to justify it, I will continue to work very hard and improve all my components of the game.”

Do you miss your teammates ?

“I miss the boys so much and can’t wait to see them in Gatineau, hopefully it’s going to be soon!”

What can you tell to the Gatineau Olympiques Fans ?

“To the fans of Gatineau, I want to wish, in this difficult time, health to them, their friends and families. I often think of their support in Robert Guertin that help me last year and I can’t wait to see them soon, GO OL GO.”

Thanks “Kash” for the picture.

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