Game Recap – April 2nd 2021

The Olympiques played today their last game of the 2020-2021 season and it was happening in Sherbrooke. It was also the last game for 3 veterans, Metis Roelens, Andrew Coxhead and Kyle Havlena, for whom this would be their last minutes playing in the regular season in the QMJHL.

The Olympiques were off to a very intense start in the match as Martel and Dagenais respectively made solid checks in their first appearance.

On the next play, Bizier applied pressure and took advantage of a turnaround, a two-on-one play, towards the opposing net. He made a great pass to Pier-Olivier Roy who immediately passed it back and it was 1-0 for Gatineau !

A little less than 3 minutes later, Pinard took off with the puck, shorthanded, and score to tie the game. Shortly afterwards, Blake Richardson scored, giving the Armada a two goal lead.

The Olympiques never stopped fighting and doubled their efforts. Their intensity paid off and they scored two goals in quick succession. Gabriel Jackson scored his third of the season, followed by Kyle Havlena with his second goal.

The Olympiques retreated to the locker room with the lead at 3-2.

2nd period

The change of goalkeeper on the Armada’s side at the start of the period energized them and they also benefited from 2 power-play advantages.

The Armada regained the lead with two goals scored in 26 seconds, as both Tommy Bouchard and Nathan Lavoie sent the puck behind Rémi Poirier.

Similar to the first period, the Olympiques came back from behind, this time with a goal from Tristan Luneau. The rookie scored his 4th with a major league shot. Verreault and Roy each got a second assist in the match.

After Havlena’a goal in the first period, it was another veteran’s time to shine. Métis Roelens scored to give the Olympics the lead at 5-4.

3rd period

The Armada came out strong at the start of the third period and tied the game with a perfect shot through the pads of goaltender Rémi Poirier. The game was now tied 5-5.

A few minutes later and, with the Armada applying lots of pressure, Bruce Richardson’s men managed to take the lead, 6-5.

As the saying goes, never two without three, again the Olympiques came back from behind and tied the game with only 3 minutes left of play. Alexei Prokopenko scored his 5th of the season making it a 6-6 game.

Overtime period

With Poirier in front of his net, Tristan Luneau, Manix Landry and Andrew Coxhead were designated to start the three-against-three period.

Coxhead made a big play by harpooning the puck and reclaiming its’ possession. He managed to pass it over to Landry who was heading towards the opposing net. Meanwhile,  Coxhead went back to the bench at the opportune time, allowing Roelens to jump on the ice and support the attack. He was left alone in front of the net, received captain Landry’s pass and scored !

The Olympiques finished their regular season with a victory of 7-6 !

As a gesture of heart-felt thanks and to mark their last game of the regular season in the QMJHL, our 3 veterans, Métis Roelens, Andrew Coxhead and Kyle Havlena, ALL received the first star of this game.



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