Game Recap – April 29th, 2021

Tonight’s game was the second in the first round series between the Olympiques and the Armada. Having taken a 1-0 lead yesterday afternoon with a 6-3 victory, Louis Robitaille’s men arrived with some confidence.

There were no changes to Gatineau’s roster for this second matchup.

1st period

Louis Robitaille sent Coxhead, Landry, Martel, Havlena and Jackson into the fray to start the match.

The beginning of the meeting was played at high speed and with excellent checks from both sides. The Armada was the first team to be penalized.  The Olympiques would be on the power play with just over 14 minutes left in the 1st period. Despite excellent scoring chances at the end of the penalty, the Olympiques were unable to make it happen.

Taking advantage of a face-off won in the neutral zone, the Armada cleared its territory but the puck made a finicky bounce off the bay window behind Poirier and gave the Armada player a golden chance to score, 1-0.

The Olympiques then received a 2-minute penalty and the Armada’s powerful attack took the opportunity to score a second goal for Blainville-Boisbriand.

The Armada applied a lot of pressure in the Olympiques territory and came through for a third time in the first period. Laferrière took advantage of a free disc in front of the net to score. However, the play was under review for an obstruction on the goaltender. Unfortunately for the Olympiques, the goal was finally granted making it 3-0 for the Armada.

2nd period

The Olympiques started the second period by applying a lot of pressure and using their speed. Savoie thought he had scored while the goalkeeper was thrown into his net but the referees decided otherwise. The scored remained 3-0 for the Armada.

The Olympiques were more threatening in the second half with several scoring chances. Unfortunately, there were few shots on net.

At the end of the period, the Armada threatened in Gatineau’s territory and managed to outsmart the Olympiques for a 4th time, a first in the 2nd period. Despite the one-sided score, the Olympiques were playing a better period.

3rd period

Louis Robitaille trusted Emerik Despatie to protect the Olympiques net during the last period.

Despite the pressure exerted by Louis Robitaille’s men, it was the Armada who added another goal with a veiled shot. There was nothing Despatie could do to stop that puck. The game was now 5-0 for Blainville-Boisbriand.

On the power play, Coxhead with help from Pier-Olivier Roy scored the Olympiques first goal.  Seconds later, the Armada regained a 5-goal lead making it 6-1.

Despite the final score, the Olympiques controlled the third period with physical plays and lots of speed.

Final score : 6-1 Armada.

The next match in this first round series will be played Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

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