After a 5-day break, our Olympiques were back on the ice. The Chicoutimi Saguenéens and the Center Georges-Vézina are the hosts of the 3rd protected environment of the season.

For their first match, the Olympiques played against the Val d’Or Foreurs.  Both teams studied each other during the first twenty minutes. There were a few chances to score for each team. Nathan Légaré took advantage of a play initiated by his fellow trio, Samuel Poulin and Jakob Pelletier, to open the score. It’s 1-0 for the Foreurs.

The first period ended with Bernard putting a little too much on Dean and the Olympiques got a power play.

2nd period

The start of the second period was all about the Olympiques who got several good chances to score but they couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities. Zach Dean played quite a game. His trio generated the most offense with excellent scoring chances.

It was still 1-0 for Val-D’Or at the halfway mark.

With just over 8 minutes left, Légaré took advantage of a bouncing puck which slid in against goaltender Poirier’s back. The Dallas Stars’ prospect didn’t have a chance and it was 2-0 for Val-d’Or.  Same as with the first goal, Poulin and Pelletier received the assists.

That goal energized Louis Robitaille’s team who attacked the opposing net relentlessly. Finally and following a winning face-off, Beliveau jumped on a free puck, passed the defenseman on the left, cut to the net and scored.  The score was now 2-1 for Val d’Or.

Play resumed and moments later, Métis Roelens took advantage of an abandoned puck in front of the goalkeeper to push it behind him. Unfortunately for the Olympiques, the video judge turned down the goal as the Olympiques were offside.

The second period ended with 14-17 shots in favor of the Foreurs and it was still 2-1 for the opposing team.

3rd period

The period started with the Olympiques on another power play. Again, there were several excellent chances for both teams but the score remained the same.

At 6:25 of the third period, Allard grabbed a free puck, rushed to the net and passed it to Kyle Havlena who didn’t miss his chance. The score was now tied 2-2. It was the first goal of the season for the 20-year veteran and his first with the Olympiques.

Overtime period

The Olympiques had complete control of the 5-minutes of the overtime but were unable to score.


Tristan Allard -> Missed.

Justin Robidas -> Scored.

Zach Deran -> Missed.

Jakob Pelletier -> Missed.

Antonin Verreault -> Missed.

The final score, 3-2 for Val-d’Or.

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