Billet Family – Podeszfinski

Every week, we will be introducing a billet family to the Olympiques fans through our various social platforms. You will get to know these families who relate with the Olympiques players on a daily basis.

This week, let us introduce you to the Podeszfinski.

1-Since when have you been a boarding family for the Gatineau Olympiques?

This is our first year as a billet family and we hosted our first player during the summer training camp.

2- Of the players you hosted, who had the most impact on your family ? Who were the top 3 and tell us why?

It’s difficult to answer because everything is new to me! Let’s just say that the two players we hosted until now, each one in his own unique way, have given us many lasting memories.

3- Why did you decide to host an Olympiques player?  What was the trigger?

I’ve been going to the Olympiques games for several years. I like the level of play and the atmosphere. For years I thought it might be interesting to get involved with the organization and young people. I discussed it several times with my children and made some inquiries to the team but the lack of space in our house was a constraint. When our oldest decided to pursue his college studies in Montreal, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.  And here we are now a billet family!

4- Which player are you hosting this year?

Tristan Allard (# 12) is staying with us for the 2020-21 season.

5- What are the major changes that occur in your routine when hosting an Olympiques player (food, lunch / dinner schedules, life in the house, etc.) ?

Because of the pandemic, I feel like we still haven’t really experienced the frenzy of a regular season. Clearly, it’s different to have one more person in the house. We have to adapt but the transition has been going very well until now. The biggest change is especially noticeable with the quantity of groceries! Players spend a lot of energy when training and playing games so obviously I’ve been cooking a lot more.

6- Have you kept in touch with your former residents?

As a first-year billet family, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience this situation yet. However, I hope it will be a normal occurrence in the future.

7- Have you established a tradition when residents arrive or leave your home (a photo, a signature, a Christmas stocking, etc.) ?

A few months is a short period to establish traditions. That being said, I have been giving my children an advent calendar since they were toddlers. So quite naturally we also included Tristan in that family tradition! I’m sure we will be adding a few more traditions over the next months.

8- Can you tells us a little anecdote of a player who was one of your boarders ?

During training camp, Tristan asked us for ice to add to his bath for a better recovery after training. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any readily available so I suggested he take a dip in the family pool. And he did! The water was freezing at the beginning of September…I found him very brave to do that.

9- Could you tell us what it means to be a host family?

It has been very positive so far! It is truly a rewarding experience for the whole family. These young people are passionate about their sport and it’s inspiring to watch them forge ahead. I am very proud to contribute to their success and to be part of the great Olympiques family.

* Photo of Tristan Allard with the Podeszfinski family, taken before the pandemic.

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