Billet Family | Paquin-Langlois

We will be introducing a billet family to the Olympiques fans through our various social platforms. You will get to know these families who relate with the Olympiques players on a daily basis.

This week, let us introduce you to the Paquin-Langlois.

1-Since when have you been a boarding family for the Gatineau Olympiques?

We have been a billet family since the 2019-2020 season.

2- Of the players you hosted, who had the most impact on your family ? Who were the top 3 and tell us why?

Ludovic Lebel stayed with us during the last 2 pre-camps and this season we are lucky to host Émile Gadoury, two outstanding hockey players in our home!

3- Why did you decide to host an Olympiques player?  What was the trigger?

For the longest while now, we have been present for most of their home games as well as several road games! We had acquaintances who hosted players and enjoyed their experience. With hockey holding such an important place in our home, we decided to give it a try and have no regrets living this adventure.

4- Which player are you hosting this year?

Émile Gadoury #46 is currently staying with us. He’s a young man with tremendous qualities and is very pleasant to be around.

5- What are the major changes that occur in your routine when hosting an Olympiques player (food, lunch / dinner schedules, life in the house, etc.) ?

There hasn’t been much change. We all have our own routines but it’s very easy to harmonize together for a great family life. Now we just can’t wait to go back to the arena for more great adventures!

6- Have you kept in touch with your former residents?

Of course! We talk regularly with the young Lebel as well as other players we had the chance to spend time with during the last 2 pre-camps. With the pandemic reunions have been postponed but it’s only a matter of time!

7- Have you established a tradition when residents arrive or leave your home (a photo, a signature, a Christmas stocking, etc.) ?

Certainly! Whether they are leaving or arriving in our home, we’ll take out the Toc boardgame and play mini-tournaments. It’s so popular that we are now keeping the board with the game balls and dice in the kitchen! Another tradition is that everyone gets an advent calendar.


8- Could you tell us what it means to be a host family?

It makes us really proud! It’s a big family and we are happy to be a part of it. We can’t wait to cheer on these young people who put so much heart and dedication into achieving their ultimate dream! Personally, it feels like this is a “giving it back” moment, during my CEGEP years I was also hosted by a billet family!

* Photo of Émile Gadoury with the Paquin-Langlois family, in front of the Slush Puppie Center.

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