Student of the month

February 2013

Jonathan Lavigne

Jonathan Lavigne is a player that works hard to complete his secondary studies on line. He joined the team for the second half of the season, he represents a nice example of perseverance and determination. He’s managed to complete his exams with an average over 85%. Congratulations Jonathan!

January 2013

Taylor Burke

Taylor Burke is an assiduous player, he takes is studies with seriousness and he has excellent results. He is always present at his tutoring sessions. He applies himself and shows a great will to learn another language. Congratulation Taylor!

December 2012

Mikael Langlois

Mikael kept a reasonable average in all his courses. He’s a serious young man that is diligent towards his studies. He proved all session that by working hard we always obtain some remarkable results. Congratulation Mikael!

November 2012

Alexandre Carrier

Alexandre Carrier is a serious player that puts a lot of efforts in his studies. He asks for help when he needs it and he always makes sure to be up to date in all his courses that he misses when he’s on the road. He was able to maintain an average above 80% in the majority of his courses since the beginning of his first season in the Q.  Congratulation Alexandre, continue your good work. 

October 2012

Gabriel Bourret

Gabriel Bourret is an avid player and eager to succeed. He got good grades so far in his classes. He managed to catch up the time lost during the road trips in addition to keeping a good performance in school. He asks for help when he feels the need, which demonstrates high motivation on his part. Congratulations Gabriel!


Month of October



Jacob Conrad


Jacob has completed his course with brio and received exceptional grades for his work. He’s an example to follow for his teammates for his perseverance for the continuous effort that he puts in his studies. Congratulations Jacob and continue your excellent work.




Month of November



Rock Régimbald


Rock is a student for whom the studies are really important and this reflects in his school work, and especially how he’s responsible in his studies.  As for example, when he has to miss school because of his hockey schedule, he meets with his teachers and takes arrangements with them to make sure that all of his work or exam are completed and also to make sure that all of his classes are up to date. He’s an example for the other players! Continue your good work!




Month of December



Jean-Gabriel Pageau


Jean-Gabriel worked extremely hard throughout the Fall session as can testify his results. Jean-Gabriel is an example to follow.

Congratulations J-G!




Month of January



Robert Pelletier


Robert deserves the title of Scholastic Player of January because he had to work twice as hard to catch up since he received his school supplies with a little delay. What makes it even more worth it it’s that besides having completely caught up and finished his semester along with his colleagues in the regular school, he did it with notes noteworthy. Keep your excellent work and continue to put the same effort and it will be worth it for the rest of the year.